Towers Round II

Success on the Castle Valley linkup!

12 Hours
5 Towers
2 Stoked Climbers
1 Giant Sandwich!

How did that rappel work???

In our case, the "Damaged Rope" was the short side of the rope, plus various gear tied on. We rappeled on just the "ok rope".


Looking the Part

My jacket is dry now, and mostly clean. Within it I'm warm.
But the cuts from crystalline granite don't wash out. Barefoot on brick I grope for a light switch. My hands create currents in the stagnant basement air. Knuckles hit brick and mortar, opening my almost-healed gobies. That'll look real professional in the interview.


Red Rock Update

I just got back from a few days doing some teaching of squeeze chimney and offwidth climbing at the Red Rock Rendezvous. That place is amazing!

Red Rock was reached via a 3-part ride from Denver.