The "Proof Box" of Life

I haven't written in a while, largely because I haven't done much worth noting to my friends and family. However, I would appreciate it if everyone would check out my photos (#1 and #2) in this photo contest, and vote for them if you think they deserve it.
And I would ESPECIALLY appreciate you voting for them even if you don't think they deserve it! I basically haven't posted because I don't want to get too caught up in the boring minutiae of my daily life. I want this little blog to be entertaining and exciting, updating only when I have something worth saying or photos worth sharing. To quote John Ruskin, "When a man is so wrapped up in himself, he makes a pretty small package."

I've been doing some part-time work for CiloGear, a small Portland company that makes the best backpacks in the world for climbing

(or bivying in).

It's been fun and I should be doing some major re-writes to their website in coming weeks. I have also gone climbing a little bit locally (on rare dry days), I'm working out to stay in shape for Argentina, and I hope to go skiing up on Mt. Hood after this week's storms. However, before all that, I have to get my wisdom teeth removed!This procedure was schemed up by dentists in order to reduce both my wisdom, AND chewing abilities. Still, I should get it done before my health insurance expires. Speaking of which, I should redeem my coupon for "One free skydive with beginner parachute purchase" right away too.

Anyhow, I climbed all November, was loaned some fantastic gear and now I am just waiting to use it in South America! Back when I worked at the legendary Stehekin Bakery, I would constantly be taking things in and out of the proof box. This is a purgatory-style kitchen appliance, where baked goods go to sit and plump-up, before the final step. A loaf of bread or pan of cinnamon rolls will sit in the proof box, nearly formed but not yet complete. I've been mixed, kneaded, and covered in sesame seeds... now I'm ready for the oven.

I've also been picking up odd-jobs around the Portland/Vancouver area, but I think I may have hit the jackpot with an idea to sign up for drug-approval studies. Charles River Clinical Services is a pharmaceutical company based in Tacoma, WA which does testing on a segment of their population described on the homepage as healthy adult males. Finally, a job I qualify for! This "healthy" description is written overlaying a picture of a guy rock climbing. Obvious the owners of Charles River Clinical haven't spent much time around climbers if this is their example of healthy (or adult for that matter). I'm hoping that my excessive consumption of expired balance bars has resulted in a rare and valuable blood type that will land me millions. Keep your fingers crossed...

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