Things that don't make sense

There are a lot of things in life that just don't make sense. Today I climbed some routes in Clear Creek Canyon with my friend Kurt, who is in Colorado for a Mountain Guide training class. He lead a really fun bolted route... without clipping any of the bolts. I think it might be just barely protectable on gear.

Other things that don't make sense:

Stuffsacks made of eVent

I think eVent is a great material because it is waterproof and breathable, even more breathable than Gore-Tex. However, my sleeping bag, snickers bars, and other items stored in a stuff sack do not get damp, clammy, or inundated with perspiration. I don't want to pay $30 extra for a breathable-fabric sack in which to store innanimate objects, when a lightweight silnylon or plastic bag will work just as well.

Something else that makes almost no sense? The daily ramblings of Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann from Minnesota.

A quick browse of her Wikipedia page is like a rundown through crazy-town, and she's only been around for 3 years! This woman actually votes on laws! Last fall, on national TV, she called for the media to do an "in-depth investigation" to determine which other members of congress were secretly anti-American. And just the other day, she claimed that elevated levels of atmospheric CO2 could never be harmful, based on the fact that CO2 is natural. Well, actually she said it was "a natural byproduct of nature". This logic implies that other "natural byproducts of nature" such as arsenic, lead, and sulfuric acid are also harmless in any concentration.

To be fair I should probably list out all the insightful and intelligent things Ms. Bachmann has said as well, but I unfortunately misplaced the matchbook upon which I had written them.

Why don't people have to be smarter than this to be elected to congress?

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