First Aid Certification

Last summer I joined my friend Sol Wertkin on a new route in Central Cascades of Washington State.

I wrote an article about our trip, and it was just published in the Washington-based outdoorsy magazine, Adventures Northwest.If you are in the area, you can get a copy of this magazine for free at places such as climbing, hiking, biking, or paddling shops, as well as supermarkets and college campuses.

I scanned the article and posted it online, visible by clicking these thumbnail images:

The climbing world (Colorado in particular) has been in a state of shock over the deaths of Jonny Copp, Micah Dash, and Wade Johnson, apparently caused by an avalanche in China. I had never met two of the climbers, but had seen Micah give a slideshow and climbed with him for a fun day in Red Rocks this past March. A more enthusiastic and excited climber could not be found.

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