All Thai-ed Up

Allison and dinner. Not on my mind in that order.

After flights from Denver to Chicago to Tokyo to Bangkok, Allison and I rode 2 light-rails trains in Bangkok (one above ground, one below) to the city train station, where we caught a passenger train bound for Chiang Mai, in Northern Thailand's Himalayan foothills.
We'll be here until Christmas, volunteering at an orphanage where girls from the nearby rural communities can come to live, receive an education, and learn frisbee from "pharang" (westerners) like us.

The road in Chiang Mai

Views from the train

We bought construction supplies at Home Mart, amid the giant neon busses.

Allison bivies in the Tokyo Airport, small children tickle her (exposed) toes...

The best name for a product so far on the trip.

Check out the slogan cirlced in red. Reminds me of these. http://www.engrish.com/

Bananas are smaller but WAY tastier here.

Chaichi and Lydia, getting her morning walking in


  1. Hey man, Sun-Ho here. Allison said you were "pretty famous" (and she told me not to tell you she told me that...woops), so I figured I'd be able to find you on the net with relative ease. Glad I was right. Wanted to say thanks again for giving me some bragging rights to come back with ("yeah, I climbed a 500 foot, 5-pitch rock wall, no big deal"), and I'm sorry I didn't get to say bye to you guys before I left. Hope you guys are finishing out strong there, and I'll try to look you guys up whenever I come back home to Denver. Take care and say hello to Allison for me!

  2. Oh, and it turns out I have a video of you jumping off a rock during our deep water solo trip...can send it to you if you want. Just let me know your email.

  3. Allison lies a lot.

    It was fun getting to meet you and climb with you! You rocked that climb for sure, and thanks for the mosquito stuff.