...The Rest of the Story

Twelve years ago, when Scott and I were in middle school and likely more interested in Magic Cards than mountains, Jim Donini and Greg Crouch climbed the West Pillar of Cerro Pollone, in Chilean Patagonia. The account of their climb (and the fact that it hadn't been completed to the summit)  inspired me several years ago:

"...featured tons of high-angle free climbing on superb rock. The summit view from the top of the pillar is astonishing ... probably the best I've had in Patagonia. ... I think the whole route would go free with just a few short sections of 5.11. The right team should be able to peel the whole thing off in a single day."



  1. That is so cool Blake!

    Way to do it light and fast!

  2. Why hasn't Rolo included any of your guys activity on Pataclimb?

  3. I think because Scott nor I emailed him yet. I was a quasi-stringer/freelance info-gatherer for 'Climbing' and wasted too much time on the slow and expensive computers without wanting to spend additional time on them. Now that I'm back in the USA I plan on emailing. We talked to him a little beforehand about the routes, but he had left town by the end of the 2nd weather window.

  4. speak for yourself, magic cards were gay, I liked Star Wars cards...