Viking Pride

Kinda like this guy:

Actually, the Viking pride of which I speak is reserved for graduates of Western Washington University! Bellingham is definitely THE place to be in Western Washington, and I think that as far as alpine climbing goes, there's no better university in the USA to attend for great access for the big peaks. World-class alpinists like Carlos Buhler and Alan Kearney (WWU grads...) would probably agree.

We Vikings may not have the resume-cache of Yale Bulldogs or Stanford Cardinals (aparently some sort of tree...) but we do ok for ourselves nonetheless.

Check out the contest submissions (above) of my good friend and pro photographer Garrett Grove (WWU Grad) and vote for his photos:

 Nate Farr (WWU Grad) just got back from a climb on Mt. Huntington in Alaska, where they rallied up the Colton-Leech route to the summit ridge. Sounds like they were among the first guys to have success on a peak in the Alaska Range this season.

More of Nate's Adventures

And although the northwest is covered in much more snow than normal (the cross-cascades highway just opened, 2nd latest date in history) alpine crusher Sol Wertkin (WWU Grad) has been getting after it on the lower-elevation walls, including a soaking wet thrutch up Snow Creek Wall's "Pressure Chamber".

And while I'm on the subject, check out the beautiful shots from some trips done by Darin and Owen (WWU Grads) who have done some rad trips as a climbing team.

The Pasayten Wilderness / Desert Towers / El Cap

And although I've posted it before, Christian and Teresa (WWU grads and stars of the video) who run the VertiCulture site from Outdoor Research, are constantly updating it with all kinds of cool stories and movies. Next time you're bored and need a dose of desk-bound adventure, check it out!


  1. Nate and Marcus are my boys but...

    1. summit? Or summit ridge?

    2. http://www.talkeetnaair.com/_blog/Talkeetna_Air_Taxi_Blog/post/March_Madness_on_the_Tokositna/