F.A.* on the Spearhead, and shooting with Jordan.

Graham and Lauryn on The Barb
I just got back from a week up in one of Colorado's choicest locales, Glacier Gorge. I was fortunate enough to be joined by a passel of good friends,  and we enjoyed local beer, steak, scrambled eggs, pancakes with maple syrup, grilled sausage, alpine scrabble games, great music, and even managed to climb a bit:

Graham, Scott and I climbed a stellar .11d on Arrowhead

Among the crew up there were my friends Forest and Garrett, two guys who make world-class photography look easy. I didn't take many photos of my own on the trip, because with "Michael Jordan(s)" in our midst, my shots didn't amount to much.

The second day up there, I climbed Spearhead peak with Forest and Scott.
Our apporximate route line:

I think we did parts of the following climbs:

  1. Stone Monkey
  2. Four Stoners
  3. Obviously Four Believers
  4. All Too Obvious
  5. Syke's Sickle
  6. Stratospear
  7. The Ten Essentials
  8. The North Ridge
That's an 8-route linkup! somehow accomplished in 6 or 7 pitches...

Also while up there I sent the thin hands roof splitter "Revenge" (5.12-) on my second go, and did Syke's Sickle (complete), Airhead, and Arrowplane on the Arrowhead Wall.

Forest and Scott on (magical mystery) tour

* Freeclimbing Absurdity

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