Leavenworth isn't the front range, and winter days aren't all 60 and sunny here. I'm glad to be here, but I'm going to have to change how I train and stay in shape. Writing down goals and having some metrics have been proven to help with this sort of endeavor.

Short-Term Fitness

  • Hangboard or climb at least 3 nights a week in the winter
  • Learn to skate ski, do so at least 1x a week
Short-Term Climbing
  • Send every route at the Powerhouse wall in a day - (almost did this one first try)
  • A FWA in the Cascades
  • Gain a broad knowledge of local ice conditions and routes
  • Leavenworth Routes - Ruthless and Supercrack in the Spring
  • Index Routes - Another UTW free climb (Good Girls, Wildest Dreams...) and Stern Farmer
  • Boulder V8
Medium-Term Climbing
  • At least 2 new Stuart Range routes
  • Freeclimb a bigwall at Washington Pass
  • Canadian alpine granite 
  • Tick every route at Trout Creek
  • Redpoint Moonlight Buttress 
  • Link up Cloud Tower to Rainbow Wall - or send Rainbow Country
Long-Term Climbing
  • Kyrgyzstan? Pakistan? Waddington?
  • Establish a new 5.13 near home - the elusive and impossible grade in Leavenworth