AAJ Routes

The folks who run the American Alpine Journal put this story of one of our new routes up on their site today:

I think this makes 6 consecutive American Alpine Journals that I've contributed stories and pictures to.

And since my new home in Leavenworth came equipped with many more back issues of the journal, I've been engrossed in scheming about trips to far-flung places and realizing just how much climbing has changed in the past 15 or 20 years. I feel fortunate to be involved in the sport at a time of such easy information-sharing and internet researchability!

And on that note, anyone interested in South America climbing (or just about neat places with pretty pictures) should check out the amazing online guide compiled by Rolando Garibotti.

Photo by Joel Kauffman

Rolo's already posted updates about some great new routes and climbs this year, including the STEEP FA on Aguja Poincenot by 'local boys' Mikey, Jens, and (part timer) Joel. Local-boy-turned-Pata-guru Colin has also been up to more awesome ascents amid a Christmas heatwave.

But since it has been 35 degrees and raining in the Cascades, I've been coming home from never-ending work days to run laps on the 14' roof crack I built in my basement. I still eat a bunch of empanadas and alfajores afterwards, just to make myself feel Patagonian.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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