Spain Story - Climbing Magazine

I had a story published in the October 2013 issue of Climbing Magazine about a trip last Feb/March to Spain.  Here is a snippet, the entire article has now been posted online by Climbing Magazine.

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  1. Liked how you summarized climb-travelling around Spain, describing details and anecdotes that may be totally normal for us.
    Really glad that you enjoyed our culture, gastronomy and climbing.
    Read the whole article, which fed my curiosity of how it's seen from an outer point of view.

    However, I am a bit disappointed by this sentence: "Going to Spain for the occasional trad climb would be like going to Yosemite to clip bolts."
    I understand that if one only visits sport crags, he'll find everything, even the clearest crack bolted. At the end, we have a really active climbing community, constantly keen on finding and opening new routes and climbing areas.
    Not to mention the amazing crags that you already enumerated.

    Nevertheless, we do have our humble alpine and trad playgrounds, such as the Pyrenees and Picos de Europa, being able to find beautilful and committed lines if you look them up.

    Cheers from Spain. :)