Cascades Rock : A New Guidebook

I wrote a book! It's been about 3 years in the making and is the product of thousands of hours of writing, editing, design work, and begging friends and climbers partners for beta-revision and to use their photos. I hesitate to use the term "select guide" because my goal was to include EVERY worthwhile alpine and alpine-ish (Snow Creek Wall, Darrington, etc) multipitch climb. I wanted all good routes of

All Grades
All Ages
Known Classics
New Obscurities
Across WA and southern BC

The finished product is 272 full color pages, 160 routes, dozens of topos that exist nowhere else, and interviews or contributions from well-known climbers and photographers.
Bad news: The books arrive for distribution in late January.

Good News:  Everyone who orders before Christmas will receive a confirmation with the cover image, and an additional 4 pages of expanded descriptions, photos, and exclusive detailed topos for two routes that do not have illustrated topos in the book itself. (Serpentine Crack on Liberty Bell, and Davis-Holland to Lovin' Arms on Index's Upper Town Wall). This bonus is a way to thank anyone for pre-ordering the book, and will ensure that if you're buying Cascades Rock as a holiday gift, you'll have something tangible to put under the tree or in a stocking to keep climbers psyched until the new year!

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  1. The paypal link isn't working. I think you're using a paypal link that only works on your computer. That's the error I'm getting from the paypal website.

  2. The paypal link here works for me even if I am signed out of blogger, google, and paypal. But if it still isn't working, you can use the link from the book's website. Thanks!


  3. A New Guidebook is an essential resource for climbers of all levels, providing detailed information on the climbing routes, safety precautions, and historical and geological information.

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