Desert Tower (of power)

While spending a week in the Indian Creek Valley, my friend Kurt and I climbed the classic route Lightning Bolt Cracks on the East face of the North Six Shooter Tower. (It's the obviously needle in between those trees.)

Exciting road conditions provided the impetus for us to basically walk in from our campground, but the climbing and views were well worth it. The route went in 3 stellar pitches, complete with a massive roof, splitter cracks of all sizes, a squeeze chimney (picture squirming out of a sleeping bag without using your hands) and a bleached cow skull ominously placed atop the tower. The views from the tower were amazing and we had the whole thing to ourselves.

Yours truly on the thin-hands start of the route. In case you fashionistas were curious, those US forest service surplus pants can be picked up in bulk (for free!) at the trash compactor and maintenance yard in Stehekin, WA.

Kurt, my

disembodied climbing partner. It's really inspirational how he is able to handle the three mile approach without legs!

All is well, with a beautiful sunset over the Bridger Jack towers.

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