Hola from the Desert!

We left SLC on a snowy morning, bound for the desert.

After 4 days of climbing in Zion National Park, Kurt and I are ready for a rest day. We did "Iron Messiah", "The Headahce" (both classic 5.10 free climbs) The touchstone wall (5.10, C2) and some other bouldering and single pitch stuff. On the way to Iron Messiah, we had a very cold morning river crossing, halfway up the wall Kurt saw not one, but TWO bridges we could have used.

The Zion experienced was heightened by free hot-tubbing and wireless in nearby Springdale. Now its on to Indian Creek and some towers!Zion is definitely an amazing park, and I am excited to visit many times in the future! We ran into some Salt Lake City folks in the parking lot, heading off to do Moonlight Buttress. One of them looked strangely familiar, and for good reason. His name is Ari Menitove and I had met him last year while climbing Fine Jade! Another of their group (Brad) said he'd met me before as well... proving once again that the climbing community is a pretty small and pretty friendly world.


  1. Nice pics! That crack looks fun!

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  3. umm missing bridges huh...it sounds like you are bring your bad karma on kurt. i venture to guess that he made the mistake of letting you lead and you were like "eh...this route is as good as any...lets just get movin!"