After 36 hours of bus-riding exciting, I have arrived in Chalten. The granite peaks of Cerro Torre, Fitz Roy, Pollone, and others are coated in fresh snow, and my creaky joints are moving slower than the satellite internet here in town, but we are glad to be here.

The last two weeks have been spent in some amazing places in northern Patagonia, particularly sport climbing along a river in ¨Valle Encantado¨(the Enchanted Valley) and climbing alpine granite spires near the town of Bariloche, the best of which was a 9 or 10 pitch 5.11 route on the ¨Cerro Principal¨ we were accompanied by the ever-present Andean Condor and had an amazing time. More pictures and news to come, if I am ever able to get an internet connection at non-glacial speed.




  1. Hey Blake!

    Now whatcha doin' down there instead of working like every other respectable American?! Have fun, be safe! Patsy

  2. siniestro at 5.11! what?! see ya down there in a few.