Camera Skills

Here's a little write-up I recently had published in Climbing Magazine.


  1. This is not directly related to this post, but I know you are a fan of trout creek.

    1. Thanks Matthew, I was down there last weekend with the local crew and had a great time. I am definitely very upset that the whole area is now closed. I'm hoping my prior call to Casandra @ the local BLM field office is just one of the many calls or letters that they get from respectful and polite climbers who work with them to limit this closure so that birds and climbers can both use the land. It sounds like the 8 designated nesting sites in this general region were actually located and surveyed by an old study for Portland General Electric Co, not the BLM. There was no public comment period or Environmental Assessment and the BLM doesn't have their own data on the eagles there either. The old nest site at the far north end of the crag has apparently not been occupied in many years. I know the Access Fund's Oregon liaison is working on this issue and I'm hoping my annual dues to the AF are put into action here.