SuperCave, Thin Red Line, and Southern Man

With the Stuart Range closed due to fires, I've put a few local plans on hold and spent an idyllic couple weekends at Washington Pass. One trip involved climbing a new route or variation to the East Buttress of South Early Winter Spire - the line is called Southern Man, established by my friends Joel Kauffman and Mark Allen. It leaves the East Buttress where one would begin the short bolt ladder.

  1. Scramble or walk 30' left and then follow a rampy corner past two small trees to a piton belay in an alcove (40m 5.9)
  2. Take the excellent finger crack, past a low fixed-wire, and to a belay ledge on the left of the crack, just past a piton (130' 5.11+)
  3. An amazing hand and finger crack leads to the summit (200' 5.10)
Southern Man follows the right skyline, then tackles the next system left of the skyline, a corner that divides lighter and darker granite.

Ben on the last pitch of Southern Man

Ben and I both had a no-falls outing on Thin Red Line, despite the removal of a key moss-jug by a certain anonymous Twisp-based climber. I got to lead the pitches I had followed last year and found the route to be as good as I recalled. 

Finally, I got to check out the classic East Face of Lexington, as well as the SuperCave, with my friends Grant, Jon, and Sol. Here are a few photos of a party on the SuperCave's 2nd and 3rd pitches.

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