The 7Cs Project

Goals are important if one wants to improve at something. They are also personally motivating, giving me something to work toward and get inspired by. I wrote down a few goals a year ago and I've accomplished quite a few, with others still high on the list. Two the of my goals I didn't accomplish were free ascents of Rainbow Country in Red Rock and Moonlight Buttress in Zion. Having these near the top of my list has inspired me to work on a different, long-term rock climbing goal I'm calling the "7Cs Project".

I want to climb THE classic 5.12c or 5.12d or 5.13a wall or long multipitch route in each of great freeclimbing areas in North America. Here is my tentative list of areas and routes that qualify.

Black Canyon of the Gunnison - Tague Yer Time
Zion National Park - Moonlight Buttress
Red Rock - Rainbow Country
The Needles - Romantic Warrior (this route isn't so long, but I really want to do it!)
Yosemite - Freerider
The Cascades - Thin Red Line
Squamish - Gravity Bong or Northern Lights to Yukon Gold
Bugaboos - Sendero Norte

I've completed 1/8 and done parts of 3 others. Even if this takes me years, it will provide good incentives to stay in cragging shape AND visit some of the most amazing parks and peaks on the continent. If there's a better alternative to any of the above routes, I'd certainly appreciate suggestions for different climbs.

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