Leavenworth isn't the front range, and winter days aren't all 60 and sunny here. I'm glad to be here, but I'm going to have to change how I train and stay in shape. Writing down goals and having some metrics have been proven to help with this sort of endeavor.


Alpine Blissing

Early this summer, Allison, myself, and friend Scott Bennett organized a week-long "Alpine-Stravaganza" up in Rocky Mountain National Park. After 6 miles of beautiful hiking, we found ourselves in the Glacier Gorge cirque, surrounded by alpine rock climbs, elk, a huge array of food, perma-dry bivy caves, scrabble games, and a tug-of-war contest known as "hunker down". We did a little climbing as well, and Graham Zimmerman made a movie!

Fall Road Trip: Glacier Gorge


Fall Ticks and "Blake-ing"

The blue cord worked better than the pine needles and leaves I tried first.
Not washing my jacket has paid off once again!