A New Route in the Stuart Range - The Valkyrie

"Hey Scott, do you want to just try and climb a new route?"
"Um yeah, that's fine." 
And so that's what we did.


North Ridge of Mt. Stuart

I made a late-spring climb of the North Ridge of Mt. Stuart the other day with Scott Bennett and Graham Zimmerman. It was their first time on the mountain, and we found it 90% snow free.


Trout Creek - Climbing Without Holds

I headed down to Trout Creek for a few days last week in order to escape the rainstorms that had covered the region. After badly injuring my finger a couple weeks ago, I haven't been climbing much, but I was eager to get on the stone at a place where you don't need your fingers in order to climb. Trout Creek hosts plentiful hand cracks and stem boxes, the perfect routes for resting my finger tendon.


Rock&Ice Magazine - July 2012 Issue

Check out an article I wrote in the July 2012 issue of Rock&Ice Magazine. All photos were taken by my friend Garrett Grove.