Easy Fix for Small Cams

Aliens are my favorite small cam, but after years of use on my trusty set , I've have several recent trigger wires break, or nearly break. Here is an easy fix for Alien cams and it also works great on Master Cams. Do this before all the wires break, otherwise you're going to get your cam stuck.

You Need: 

  • Wire Cutters
  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • 2 Small Safety Pins

  1. Cut out the old trigger wires
  2. Straighten out the 2 safety pins.
  3. Put the points up through the trigger bar, then through the cam lobes, bend again once through the lobe to hold each in place.
  4. Cut some of the material off of the "thumb guards"( which usually hold the pointy ends before you mangled the safety pin) and cut the pointy ends off, leaving a bit of wire to maintain the shape of the bend.


  1. nice blake! Also, wired bliss (in CO now) will rewire cams for $5 each. He did a bunch of my aliens, camalots and friends and all of them were as good or better than brand new. He also re-slung my cams with 11/16" tubular webbing for $3 each.


  2. Good to know! I've sent in cams from various brands to Yates for new slings, where you can choose nylon or dyneema for $4/ea, but they don't do new wires.

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