Last summer I was doing the prep work (climbing, eating, stealth-camping at seldom-used trailheads) for an article to be published in Rock&Ice Magazine. My buddy Garrett Grove was the photographer for our project, and I got to climb  with Garrett, Scott Bennett, and several great Washington-based friends. Although we tried to diligently take some video footage during the course of some classic routes and first ascents, we ended up with was a bunch of snippets of meals being made and scarfed. I put together a video about the trip:

When I was down in Las Vegas this Spring, I met a guy named Brendan who is one of the new-generation of quasi-employed computer-related social media gurus. I have a hunch that folks of his ilk get away without doing a whole lot more work than I do (tweetering doesn't count), but somehow they get to make rad business cards with titles that probably still make their parents proud and sound good at swanky dinner parties. Brendan maintains something called "Semi-Rad" which is an infinitely likable phrase but unfortunately doesn't focus on awesome 18-wheelers. He also writes for the Adventure Journal, and after intensely studying my eating habits one day at a Mexican place in Las Vegas, he asked to interview me about my culinary philosophies.
 Order every component as though this will be THE final item, prompting the employee to include more of it than normal. For example, say to them, “… and then, just a bunch of the Fajita-style chicken.” (a free upgrade that includes peppers and onions). Once they add a greater-than-normal amount of said ingredient, repeat again and again.

Brendan's full story - Adventure Journal 

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